Your Introduction to Skydiving

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To many, skydiving remains a sport that mostly remains synonymous with risk taking, but behind the increased risks lies a vibrant community of individuals who see it as far more than just falling out of an airplane. In fact, most are not even aware of the numerous facets which exist inside of the sport of skydiving.


For those looking to remain a solo jumper and aren’t very interested in collaborative team work, freeflying, swooping, freestyle and wingsuit flying are all good options. Individuals who enjoy working with others can look into such disciplines as canopy relative work or formation skydiving.


Safety concerns are often the first aspect thought of when it comes to the topic of skydiving, but in reality it really isn’t much more dangerous than many other extreme sports out there. What makes jumping risky is more the amount of skydives that a life long skydiver will accumulate, the odds of encountering a malfunction on your first jump is extremely low, but jump enough and the likelihood will increase. When one skydives several thousand times, this naturally means that there is a larger chance for a fatality than a sport where one only partakes several times a year.

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is a form of skydiving that offers an extremely safe and comfortable environment for individuals to discover the joys of human flight, without the fear. Indoor skydiving makes use of wind tunnels to push air up a column, thus suspending the individual in air and simulating the same kind of feeling as freefall. Indoor skydiving has increased in popularity over the years and is now becoming an extremely popular source for the competitive scene. These tunnels are also very popular among competitive skydivers who are looking to practice.

ZipLining The Adrenaline Junkies Staple.

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Hello World!

This officially marks out first post, one of many, We hope that you will enjoy reading our content. If you are an adrenaline junkie, adventure seeking, mass explorer then you have come to the right place.

We have dedicated this website to all things exciting. There are a few elite people in this world who dabble in adventure sports such as, skydiving, hunting, shark cage diving, horse riding, kloofing and many more. If this is you then please join us as we explore something that should feature top on your list : Ziplining.

your list : Ziplining.

What is ziplining?

Zip lining is a fast paced sport/activity. It is usually made out of a pulley that is suspended on a cable. You are attached to the pulley. The cable is usually mounted with a slight downward gradient so that you can slide.

All over the world you can attend canopy tours ( Where the zipline system is suspended between trees) or mountain tours ( Where the zipline is suspended between mountain ranges) or urban tours. All with their own unique experience. We have found that ziplining is one of those sports that you can do over and over again as each experience is different to the previous.

What do we love most about Ziplining.

The number one reason we love ziplining ? It is simple : SPEED. There are few sports that allow you to travel safely between 35-50mph while not being enclosed in a vehicle. This is one of them. It is the most exhilarating experience alive. Be warned. The zipline makes a bigger noise than one would think. It sounds as if you are on a race track. The second reason we love it so? The spectacular views. You are guaranteed to see things you usually wouldn’t. The views from the mountain ziplines are breathtakingly beautiful.

Tips to remember

Pack a warm top

Be sure to pack a warm top, specially if you are doing one in mountain ranges. Accidents happen and you could get stranded. When the wind comes up you will get cold, specially considering when you are on the line it is extra nippy.

Wear closed shoes

You want to wear closed shoes. Trust me. Anything with exposed toes is a hazard added that you want your shoes securely attached/closed on you so that they cannot fall off.

Wear protective head gear

You need to put a helmet on. When you are attached to the trees or safety lines, it’s still possible to slip and bang your head.

Pack food and water

Again, you want to pack at least 2l of water and some snacks. use a comfortable backpack that you can attach to yourself securely without the fear of it falling. We packed food and water and a bigger picnic in our cars. When we were done, we went on a small hike and had our food. Somehow your legs are tired from the ziplining. You want to pack some form of seating to rest on when you are done.


This is a MUST try sport if you like speed and scenery. If you follow our above tips you are bound to have the most wonderful experience. Please hit us up and let us know what you think. Feel free to share your own ziplining photos.